Seattle, WA The Moore Theatre

February 14, 2008

Having not been on tour for a while, or for that matter in Seattle with time on my hands, it was exciting to have two shows in Seattle. We stayed near the Moore Theatre, and the morning after the first show, I went on quite the food walk. First to Top Pot, for a donut and coffee. Then a fantastic meal at Le Pichet, a great little French place (though they get points off for playing the Decemberists throughout my meal- not even just a record, but a shuffle of all our records- a good problem to have, I guess, but distracting).

The rest of the morning, I walked around Pike Place and made a plan of action for the next morning. Before we left town on Friday, I bought cheese at Beechers, bread and coco bites at Dahlia Bakery, tortillas and masa at the imaginatively named Mexican Grocery, where I couldn’t resist a breakfast taco also, and then we had to get some coffee at Victrola. Shopping this way made me miss my old neighborhood in San Francisco. I love shopping store by store. Anyway, I love Seattle.


I have good information that are much cooler parts of town than the area near the Brown, but I wasn’t motivated to go very far.  Nonetheless, I had a fantastic day-off fancy meal at the Brown Hotel, and found a pretty good Mediterranean place around the corner.

I’ve never actually been there, but my tour manager always orders BBQ from Dreamland.  It’s fantastic.  I also like this cute little cafe, Lucy’s, which is closer to the Workplay, but still just a short bike ride or long walk away from the Alabama Theatre.

I’m a sucker for Greek and Lebanes food on tour, so I was lucky to find the Sahara right next door, or right next parking lot. The New Leaf Market is a hippy co-op nearby. They have a deli and my favorite cereal.

Right next door and pretty good, Ted’s Montana Grill. Bison burgers, fried chicken, lots of vegetable sides, and they give you Jefferson $2 bills as change. My favorite is the Green and Hot Burger.

If you don’t want to deal with the lines at Ted’s, or ate there for lunch, there’s also a McCormick and Schmick’s nearby. A little taste of Portland. Not cheap, but great seafood. I always get the oysters.

Not too far away if you have transportation is my favorite breakfast place in the whole country. I kid you not. Ria’s Bluebird. Last time I rode my bike there, but today I’m too lazy.

Eat at Tomato Head. Honestly, the pizza had sort of a soft hippie dough, but the salads were great and there are lots of good, healthy options.

This place has been around for 60 years or so, and it’s great. Great sweet tea, great eastern North Carolina style barbecue (vinegar sauce), great greens, and great fried chicken. I ate lunch there AND dinner. Nice people, too. Cooper’s